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Photo by James Neiss/Niagara Gazette

Since I was a young woman, I have been obsessed with finding out why we are given life, and why life must end with death. As a journalist, I’ve only known one way to find the answers I sought. I began to read.
Several decades ago, as a new mother, I started my quest for understanding with a book called “Seat of the Soul,” by Gary Zukav, given to me by a friend. I read it six times over the course of the next few years, because I could not believe Zukav’s certainty that we are all more than we currently understand. Around the same time, I found Dr. Bernie Siegel’s “Peace Love and Healing,” and Carolyn Myss’ books on her work as a medical intuitive and later her books on spiritual archetypes. Then, there was Dr. Brian Weiss’s books on reincarnation and Dr. Raymond Moody’s research on contacting the dead.
For thirty years, I have always tried to have a new book in progress, by a wide variety of authors on such subjects, because I have found hope in the true stories and research about what comes after. The stories help me to move through this life empowered, hope-filled and without fear.
I have been particularly fascinated by books on channeling, because I wonder where the wisdom comes from. I started with the volumes of the “Seth Material,” by Jane Roberts. I’ve also read many books about Edgar Cayce, the channeler from Virginia Beach, who received healing information each day as he reclined for an afternoon rest. They called him “The Sleeping Prophet,” and built a center in Virginia Beach to house the information he channeled, so it would be available for generations to come.
My favorite channeler is Esther Hicks, who for many years has traveled the world to share the wisdom she channels from a collective of funny and brilliant otherworld guides who call themselves by the singular name of Abraham. The Abraham-Hicks books and YouTube videos have brightened so many of my days with their thoughts on how to proceed with peace and joy through this complicated, crazy and often frightening world. I am profoundly grateful to Esther and her now-deceased husband, Jerry, who have so generously allowed sessions with the spiritual collective to be shared free on YouTube, and who continue their loving work together, though Jerry is in another place.
Beyond channeling, I have collected hundreds of stories related by people who have had “out of body,” or “near death experiences.” Those stories have convinced me we do not really ever die, and that conviction has led me to reexamine with intensity, all the ways we humans live, love and heal.
Science has proved that we are made of energy. Researchers are now starting to agree with contemporary intuitives and the spiritual guidance that indicates our outlook influences our energetic vibration, which impacts our health and the quality of our existence.
As such, I believe, the task of each lifetime is to find love and joy in all we do, as that appears to be the pathway to raising our vibration. We can tune in to those feelings through prayer, meditation and play; or by simply finding activities that make us happy.
I believe we must commit to these tasks as if our lives depend on it, because the success of our lives, our satisfaction and happiness, truly does depend on it.
And then, when we leave this life, I believe that our energy moves out of the human body and returns to the great beyond, more vibrant and alive than it is possible to imagine.
It doesn’t matter what religion you follow — so many stories affirm what the sages have said since time began: There are many pathways to God and to those waiting for us in the beyond. We are told they love us equally and unconditionally, no matter what. That’s what I have read and heard in the hundreds of reports I’ve encountered that people have shared about their “near death experiences,” each story unique but impossibly similar. All who have experienced such revelations can’t be making it up, nor can they be imagining the way their lives are profoundly changed after such experiences occur.
As a journalist, my work is based upon the stories people tell me and what they believe is their truth. In the newsroom, I collect those stories and words and share them as part of the news of the day. But, at the end of the day, I believe the life-changing stories told by those who have come back from the beyond are the most important news to be shared. Such stories bring us understanding, peace, and a reason to be hopeful, forevermore.
If you have a story to share that you believe will help others live more fully and heal more completely, I would be honored to hear it and to share it. You can email me at mcdeluca@aol.com or contact me through my Facebook page, “Forever More: A Love Story from the Edge of Eternity.” If you are moved to share your thoughts about this book, consider placing a review on Amazon.com to help others decide whether this story is one they might like to read. You can also visit my blog and read some of my other work at www.micheledeluca.net.
In the end, I wish you Godspeed to your beautiful destiny. All the evidence I have points the way towards forever, where there will always be more gifts to come for each of us. Forever, there will be more waiting. I will see you there.

Michele DeLuca

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I am the mother of two amazing sons whose life partners are extraordinary women; and I live in a little house overlooking the Niagara River with my husband, Doug and my sensitive and sweet dog, Zerky. None of us never tire of watching the relentless river rush past us each day on its journey towards the magnificent waterfalls, which the world knows as Niagara Falls.